YUJ Designs, the Global UX Design Leader Celebrates 12 Years of Success

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YUJ Designs, one of the internationally recognized UX firms, has recently completed 12 years in the industry. The brand celebrated this joyous occasion virtually. Continuing its tradition of inviting leaders, industry experts, and keynote speakers to inspire the employees, this year, Devdutt Pattanaik graced the occasion. Devdutt, an eminent mythologist, author, and illustrator shared his thoughts on design thinking and management from the perspective of Indian art, culture, and mythology.


Mr. Prasadd Bartakke, Co-founder, Chief of Design and Research, YUJ Design and Mr. Samir Chabukswar, Founder & CEO, YUJ Designs


YUJ Designs works with the ideology of creating data-driven design solutions. The firm offers a plethora of UX-based services. YUJ Designs is a one-of-its-kind UX design firm that has grown exponentially over recent years. The studio was launched by Samir Chabukswar and Prasadd Bartakke in the year 2009 with the sole aim of offering high-end design solutions to help businesses generate greater ROI. The absence of UX awareness and maturity of designs in the Indian region prompted them to enter the market. The leaders built the company with a passionate mindset and a focused approach to deliver impact by design.


YUJ Designs strives to create a 10x impact at one-tenth of the cost for its clientele. The firm boasts of a huge client base that includes prominent Fortune 100 and 500 listed brands, which are B2B, B2C companies, and enterprises. YUJ Designs works with a customer-first approach and treads on a unique problem-solving path. Since they actively engage their clients in the designing process, their products generate 10x ROI for businesses. YUJ Designs has played a pivotal role in helping its clients achieve a competitive edge in the market.

The brand recently announced that it has witnessed a significant 70% year-on-year business growth. It has also achieved the milestone of exhibiting a 100% surge in its employee strength amidst the pandemic. The firm is now a team of 200 plus design consultants and is keen on expanding its workforce in the times to come. 


The brand also introduced various initiatives paying back to the design community for its constant support. One of its unique programs, YUJ-Mitra, deserves a special mention, which is an open-to-all referral program. It enables one to offer growth opportunities for acquaintances, friends, people in the professional network, etc.


Aiming to bridge the demand-supply gap the UX design industry is facing, the company developed a YUJ-Way of Working (WOW) program wherein the brand focuses on hiring young design talent from colleges across the country. The program empowers aspiring designers to become industry-ready.

The company also conducted a Health Check Survey to have a better understanding of their employees’ morale, satisfaction as well as engagement levels. It offered a platform to their team to express their opinions, suggestions and share their feedback. The results were impressive with 83% of people feeling happy working at YUJ. This feedback was used to improve their processes and policies as well as track, measure, and increase employee engagement.

Expressing his thoughts on this occasion, Mr. Samir ChabukswarCEO & FounderYUJ Designs, said, “I extend my heartiest congratulations to the entire team at YUJ Designs. Completing a successful run of 12 years is indeed a significant milestone for us. We would like to extend our gratitude to our team and customers. It is due to the hard work of our team and the unparalleled support of our clients that we have been able to exhibit significant growth over these years and have emerged to be the largest design studio at the global level. While we will continue to tread on the growth path, we are aiming at focusing on responsible growth and disproportionate impact in every project we undertake and every strategy we devise in the times ahead.

Sharing his views, Mr. Prasadd BartakkeCo-founder and CDO, YUJ Designs, said, We are delighted as we complete 12 years in the UX domain. We owe it to our team to have made this journey smooth and to have helped in transforming YUJ Designs into a global brand. It is due to their expertise that we have been able to identify the business challenges of our clients and devise appropriate design solutions. Our team is making efforts to deal with design at the system level. This has paved the way for YUJ Designs to climb the ladder of success. We would like to thank our clients who believed in us. We are looking forward to exciting opportunities.” 

YUJ Designs’ goal is to incorporate a human-centered approach to technological advancements and offer high-end connected experiences. Along with focusing on expanding its footprints and increasing its revenues, the brand aims to bring about an impact on the industry with its new-age designs.


About YUJ Designs

YUJ Designs was founded in 2009 by Samir Chabukswar & Prasadd Bartakke. Headquartered in Pune, the company has a global presence. It has offices in Sunnyvale, CA, USA, and Bengaluru in India. The brand believes in creating impact by design and is known for its innovative UX designs and premium offerings of UX Design and Development, Innovation and Prototyping along with 360-degree design analysis and consulting.

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