Visiting Angels, a Senior Home Care Agency, Achieves 100 percent Increase in Productivity with Hiver

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Visiting Angels, a senior home care services and assistance provider in the US, deployed Hiver – a Gmail-based customer service solution, and significantly improved its admin team’s efficiency. With Hiver, the team has achieved a 100% increase in productivity. Leveraging shared inboxes has helped the team enable streamlined communication and coordination with each other, as well as their clients.

In the healthcare industry, proactive, timely and efficient communication is crucial for a business to function effectively – especially when a large number of stakeholders are involved. At Visiting Angels, the admin team has to work and coordinate with a network of 200 clients, 200 care-givers, an admin staff of 10 people along with over 500 referral sources.

Before implementing Hiver, all external correspondence got delivered to team members’ individual inboxes. Thus, there was no easy way to keep track of the emails coming in, and assigning responsibility became a huge hassle.

To overcome these issues, the team decided to implement Hiver. Currently, the team uses two shared inboxes for their operations – one for general inquiries and the other for receiving information on leads and prospects.

With these shared inboxes, every team member has complete visibility into the team’s email workflow. Additionally, all incoming emails are assigned to designated team members – every email has a clear owner, and none go unattended. By being able to streamline their communication, and clearly define their workflows, the team has seen their productivity skyrocket 100%.

In addition, using the Hiver mobile app has made it very easy for team members to respond to urgent tasks on-the-go. With the app, team members can stay on top of time-sensitive emails from wherever they are.

Luke Thompson, Co-owner, Visiting Angels, said, “For owners like us who manage multiple franchises, Hiver is especially important. It’s easy to set up and extremely easy to use. We were able to hit the ground running right from day one. I don’t know what we were doing before, because it wasn’t good enough. Hiver has completely re-invented our communication and efficiency.”

Niraj Ranjan Rout, Co-founder, and CEO of Hiver said, The events of the past year and a half have brought to light the huge pressures on the healthcare industry to be swift in addressing customer needs. Now more than ever, this quality is what will help healthcare companies earn goodwill, and build long-term relationships with customers and associates alike. We’re extremely glad that Hiver has helped Visiting Angels manage an extensive network of clients, caregivers, and admin staff in an efficient, timely and productive manner.

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