Viraj Kohli Wins the Prestigious Times Excellence Award 2021

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Viraj Kohli, an entrepreneur on a social mission, has been presented with the prestigious Times Excellence Award. His astute leadership quality has been the driving force behind the functioning of the company, Uviraj Group.


Times Excellence Awards have been created by OMS (Times Group) to identify, encourage and provide recognition to young entrepreneurs, leaders, and innovators who have been game-changers in a true sense. It is a platform to celebrate success, recognize achievements, and highlight individuals who have excelled in their respective industries. These recipients have pushed boundaries while continuously striving hard to achieve milestones that have motivated and inspired others.


The event aims to recognize the champions who have done incredibly well in their industries & sectors. The recipients of this recognition belong to various categories like Auto, Retail, Real Estate, Healthcare, E-commerce, FMCG, sports, entertainment, and service Industry to name a few. To recognize these bright minds, a survey was conducted and several entities were assessed.


  Viraj Kohli, CEO, Apex Insurance Consultant Ltd.

Given the current lockdown situations in multiple states, the awards were held virtually, celebrating the most definitive gathering of change-makers and innovators.


Speaking on his spectacular achievement, Viraj said, “It is a great honour for me to achieve this award. I would like to thank my team and all members of the Uviraj family for their incredible efforts and dedication. Without their support and endless working hours, this would not have been possible. This is for Uviraj because ‘Hume Parvah Hai’.”


Viraj has always dreamt of contributing to society and hopes to make a positive dent in the lives of people at a larger level. All he does is focus on developing novel ideas and better executing those to protect the lives of workers. His company, Uviraj Group, established in 2010 is one of India’s leading Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) manufacturers. With its team of highly skilled and competent technicians, it manufactures the finest quality PPE and also specializes in the fall protection market. The company is renowned for its planning, development, manufacturing, and supplying of Personal Protective Equipment.


Viraj emphasizes on improving the quality of his products while maintaining the right pricing to meet the customers’ expectations and requirements. “With the help of our channel partners across the country, I am sure that very soon we will be able to become one of the most promising safety companies in India. Since the beginning, my aim is not to shake, but to make a market,” proclaims Viraj.


Their Tagline – ‘Hume Parvah Hai’, meaning ‘We Care’ is what all members of the team strongly boast about. The wholehearted focus of all their employees is towards making Uviraj one of the Top 5 Global PPE Manufacturers.


With the way that the world has changed in the last year, he believes improvisation daily is the only strategy where we need to adapt to the new normal. This is a great time for young entrepreneurs to tap into the market to identify the current problems and work towards solving them.


His extraordinary commitment, innovation, zeal, and compassion in delivering service to the community have helped him bag this prestigious award and he steadfastly moves on the path of glory.

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