Udgam School and Zebar School Offer Concession in Fees to the Parents for Getting Vaccinated

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  • Group of Four schools in Ahmedabad, Udgam School for Children, Zebar School for Children, Satellite School for Children & Bodakdev School for Children offer a 5% discount on annual fees if parents of entire class are fully vaccinated on or before October 31, 2021

  • The objective behind the vaccination drive is to motivate the parents to get the life-saving vaccine as the mortality rate for vaccinated people is negligible

  • Aiming to cover more than 19,000 parents community of total 238 classes of the four schools

  • Both parents of each class have to submit their vaccination certificate to apply for the incentive scheme

  • Udgam School for Children has 116 classes, Zebar School for Children has 63 classes, Satellite School for Children has 39 classes & Bodakdev School for Children has 20 classes

  • With this initiative, the schools would waive off fees in between Rs.2 cr to Rs.3.5 cr

India is struggling to get rid-off from the second wave of COVID-19 and vaccination is the only hope that can save citizens from the anticipated third wave of the pandemic. To promote the mass-vaccination and secure the safety of the children, the leading CBSE schools of Ahmedabad, Udgam School for Children, and Zebar School for Children along with the two pre-schools have launched a unique initiative to motivate parents to get fully vaccinated to avoid the third wave of COVID-19. The schools are offering a 5% waiver in annual fees to all the parents who get fully vaccinated on or before October 31, 2021.

Mr. Manan Choksi, Executive Director of Udgam School for Children & Zebar School for Children said, “Despite being affected by a deadly second wave of COVID-19, some people are still hesitant to roll up their sleeves for the shots. According to a study by AIIMS-New Delhi, those re-infected with COVID-19 even after vaccination are unlikely to die due to the disease. Considering the probability of a third wave, its need of an hour that every citizen gets vaccinated. To support the governments mega vaccination drive and motivate the parents to do, we have come up with this initiative under which we would waive off fees in tune of Rs. 2-3.5 crores.”

Western countries like the US, Canada and UK are heavily promoting mass vaccination drives. Many states are offering freebies and other incentives to the people who get the shots. Joining the bandwagon, many corporates and local businesses have also come up with such promotional schemes to take the awareness to a next level.

Being a responsible institution, we should take responsibility of our community to get fully vaccinated and reduce this load from the government. We believe that our initiative will definitely motivate parents to get the vaccine on time,” added Mr. Choksi.

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