Sulo Nutrition Launches Vegan Hair Supplements Catered to the Indian Taste Palate

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Dietary supplements are often overlooked in our fast-paced world, making it essential to build products that address the nutrition gap. To cater to this demand, the New Delhi-based nutraceutical brand, Sulo Nutrition has launched Gummy candies that promote healthy hair growth.

Sulo Nutrition Products

Building on the high nutritional value of the Indian ingredients, the company has launched India’s first amla gummy candy for lustrous locks. Each gummy is powered with the goodness of biotin, amla extracts, zinc, and vitamin B12 that strengthen hair roots and increase cell production. This makes the hair stronger and healthier, reduces hair fall, and promotes hair growth. The company aims to change the idea of supplement consumption which is mostly looked at as plain-tasting or unpleasant and build products that combine nutrition with flavor and taste.

Founded by Mr. Dhanraj Agarwal, Mr. Gaurang Bindra and Mr. Saheb Bedi, Sulo has strategically introduced products free from side effects and are manufactured using certified ingredients and contain only natural colours, and flavours. Sulo brings together advanced methods of modern medicine and the goodness of Indian Ayurveda, together in their products.

Talking about the brand, Mr. Dhanraj Agarwal, Co-founder and CEO, Sulo Nutrition, said, “Our brand is completely focused on the health of our consumers. No compromise, whatsoever, is made in any of our products. When founding the company, we had only one goal: building a brand that makes it easy for people to live a healthy life. Today it feels like a burden to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Sulo wishes to change that.”

L-R: Mr. Saheb Bedi, Mr. Dhanraj Agarwal and Mr. Gaurang Bindra, Founders, Sulo Nutrition


Acknowledging the health of its consumers as its primary concern, the brand takes pride in launching products that are vegan, gelatine-free, gluten-free, and have no added colors or preservatives. The company has also ensured that its packaging is sustainable.

With its relentless effort, Sulo wishes to change how people perceive healthcare and supplements. Sulo plans to launch 7-9 more products like health drinks and soft gels in the next two years. It also aims to establish an e-commerce market along with supermarkets and other offline stores. The company is also working on an AI-based health app that will analyse the health of its consumers, provide consultation from doctors and nutritionists and advise on the supplement consumption basis their health requirements.

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