‘Sarva Mangal Mangalye’ Track by Shivali Released on Eros Now, Music Produced by Arjun

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With everything that is circling up in the world, Singer Shivali Bhammer along with the highly renowned Music Producer Arjun felt it was the right time for her to release an energetic mantra which praises the mother Goddess – Durga Ma. The mantras are extremely powerful, even just repeating the words in your head uplifts you, motivates you and pushes an individual towards positivity. The pandemic is a reminder of the existence of the greater power in this world. Durga is fierce, strong, and the force of all consciousness. Shivali aimed to capture that strength and resilience in an uplifting and upbeat version of the mantra.


Sarva Mangal Mangalye Music Video – Shivali Bhammer

Most of her songs have a more soulful, mid-tempo, pop and r&b vibe. The production of Sarva Mangal Mangalye is more focused on House/EDM spectrum. That’s because she wanted her listeners to feel energized and revitalized by the track. It should rejuvenate and motivate people to feel that they can achieve anything they want, and that the power of Durga is with them and inside of them.

According to Shivali Bhammer, the idea of who is your Durga, is really about appreciating the women who inspire you and recognize the female power. It is a reminder that within every woman lies the Goddess and respect should be given.

Shivali stated that, “You are not alone. I understand life has been extremely frustrating and tough for many, but we have a choice, either we can wallow, or we rise up. The power of Mata Ji can really help us and inspire us. We have to find that kind of strength and resilience in us, and fulfill our ambitions and dreams. If we just keep going and keep trying, we don’t know which door might open, but one definitely will!

The aim is to get the listeners hooked. If they are hooked, it’ll mean they are repeating this powerful mantra. She believes the song will be appreciated by millennials and the younger generation.


The music video will be on the Eros Now channel and on Spotify, Apple play, itunes as well as other streaming platforms.

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