Public Media Solution Expands its Umbrella of Services with Corporate Branding Solutions

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Public Media Solution, primarily a Public Relations and Digital Marketing Agency, incorporates corporate branding solutions within its portfolio of services. This initiative is aimed at helping businesses find their niche in the market and reach out to their audience in an effective manner.


The PR and digital marketing firm aims at helping its clients create and promote their unique brand across different platforms


The new corporate branding services would involve helping companies create their unique presence in the market with the help of marketing tools. Public Media Solution is willing to cater to SMEs that are struggling to reach out to their audience despite providing quality offerings. The corporate branding services would include creating a positive brand image of a business or revamp an existing brand to get more traction.


Some of the key corporate branding solutions introduced by Public Media Solution include:


Working The Brand’s Visual Identity

These solutions are designed to help businesses create a unique look and feel about their brands, including the creation of logos, business cards, brochures, social media banners, and designs that solidify the image of brands inside the minds of the audience.


Online Advertising

Businesses can get their brands’ messages to reach their audience across different digital platforms via online advertising. It allows companies to create a recall value of their brands and create a robust brand value.


Branding Events

Branding events, both online and on-premise, allow companies to promote their offerings to their target audience. Moreover, the events provide an opportunity for prospects and customers to interact directly with the brand.


CEO Profiling

CEO profiling is an approach to corporate branding that lays emphasis on the vision of CEOs. It allows the CEOs of companies to manifest the vision for their brands and motivate them to set bigger goals.


Public Media Solution aims at combining its corporate Branding Solutions with other services such as content marketing and PR for a holistic approach. Ravinder Bharti, the Founder and CEO of Public Media Solution believes that corporate branding is necessary for SMEs to stay ahead of the curve in 2021. He says, “Today, the competition in every industry is immense. Working only on the quality of your offerings is never enough to help your business grow. Along with providing quality products and services, it is important for a company to create a brand that makes it stand out from the clutter. We hope our corporate branding services are able to help companies carve their niche in their respective industries and get the traction they have always been looking for.”


About Public Media Solution

Public Media Solution is a PR and digital marketing agency based in Pune, Maharashtra, also running a partnered digital newspaper portal Founded in 2017 by Ravinder Bharti, the company provides its clients with services like PPC advertising, digital PR, search engine optimization, content marketing, web development, stock audit, sales audit, and more. Headquartered in Pune, the company has its branches in Singapore, Indonesia and the US to cater to its global clients.

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