Plan Financial Goals by Investing in a Bajaj Finance Online FD

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Achieving short or long-term financial goals in life require disciplined planning, saving, and investing, as it’s necessary to align investments with one’s goals. It is also important to choose the right investment instrument, so one can attain their financial goals, as per their risk appetite, return expectations and liquidity requirements. Choosing the right investment avenue can be a challenging task, especially with increasing market volatilities and a low interest rate regime prevalent across most savings products. But, if one’s seeking the dual benefit of safety and attractive returns, investing in a Bajaj Finance online FD could be a prudent choice. This corpus might also help save the day in case of emergencies and unforeseen monetary requirements.

Bajaj Finance Online FD offers interest rates up to 6.75%

Reasons why Bajaj Finance online FD is an ideal investment option to meet one’s financial goals:

Attractive returns

Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit offers one of the highest FD rates. Non-senior citizens can avail up to 6.50% on investing offline, while, online investors can avail an additional 0.10% rate benefit. Senior citizens can yield higher returns, as they get 0.25% extra rate benefit over and above the base rate.

Given below is an example of a non-senior citizen investing Rs. 30,00,000 for different tenors. This table encapsulates the returns gained for different tenors.

FD plan

Principal Amount


Applicable Rate of Interest

Interest gains


Non-senior citizen applying online


Rs. 30,00,000

2 years


Rs. 1,27,844

Rs. 11,27,844

Non-senior citizen applying online


Rs. 30,00,000

3 years


Rs. 2,11,355

Rs. 12,11,355

Non-senior citizen applying online


Rs. 30,00,000

5 years


Rs. 3,76,531

Rs. 13,76,531

As the table suggests, longer tenor yields higher returns. Thus, one can look at attractive FD rates, applicable to different tenors. One can choose the tenors, as per their financial goals and liquidity needs. With the assurance of guaranteed returns on one’s deposit, Bajaj Finance online FD can be a preferred investment tool for individuals looking to finance their goals.

Easy online investment

By investing in a Bajaj Finance online FD, one can skip lengthy queues and arduous documentation process and get started on their investment journey within minutes. One can benefit from a contactless online process and an easy online verification process from the comfort of their homes.

Generate monthly income

If one doesn’t have a lump sum amount to invest in a fixed deposit, they can consider building their corpus with the Systematic Deposit Plan (SDP). SDP is a monthly savings scheme that lets one earn substantial returns by making small monthly deposits, starting with just Rs. 5000 every month. Every deposit is treated as a separate FD and deposit amount will be auto debited every month on the selected date from the depositors account. SDP offers two variants when it comes to payout options, Single Maturity Scheme and Monthly Maturity Scheme. If one wishes to get a lump sum at maturity, then Single Maturity Scheme is a wise choice. But, to generate a monthly income from one’s investments, Monthly Maturity Scheme is a preferred option.

Easy liquification and laddering of deposits

It is recommended to ladder deposits, instead of investing all the savings in one fixed deposit, if easy liquification is what one aims for. This not only enables them to balance the effect of fluctuating interest rates on their deposits, but also helps them to collect returns of multiple FDs and deposit it into a high-paying fixed deposit in the future.

This feature helps one to invest in several fixed deposits at once. Also, the choice of selecting the FD tenor, amount, and type of FD would be at their disposal.

Bajaj Finance online FD is a haven for investing earnings. This can be verified from the high credit ratings it has received from CRISIL (FAAA) and ICRA (MAAA) which are the leading credit rating agencies in India. Equipped with the necessary information, one can now make an informed decision and invest in a Bajaj Finance online FD to achieve their financial goals.

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