Nagaur City is Ready for Any Further Health Hazard with an Upgraded Healthcare System, Installs New Oxygen Plant in the City

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New Delhi, Delhi, India

Nagaur city of Rajasthan faced a lot of fiasco during the second wave of COVID-19 due to lack of healthcare services. Witnessing the shortcoming, the Rajasthan government has taken a bold step to provide oxygen plant in the area in order to support the people of the district, to fight the pandemic, which might impact a larger number of local population in the near future.


Nagaur Rajasthan – Oxygen Plant


With this venture in place, ATD Group has invested largely on the manpower, whilst SRAM & MRAM is instrumental in providing high-end technology. These two private companies in association with the Rajasthan Government are betting big in India and on the cusp of making history by setting up such mega projects.


The Rajasthan Government along with SRAM & MRAM Group and ATD Group is aggressively working on building robust health infrastructure, in order to stabilize the concurrent cases and provide facilities that are equipped with state-of-art technologies and to streamline the process, has further collaborated with international and national companies to invest in Rajasthan for building a secure healthcare system in the entire state.


The setting up of a new oxygen plant will help the native people of Nagaur city to have a ready system for any further health concern, especially when the third wave of COVID is being touted. The government officials are aggressively striding and leaving no stone unturned to build a secured system in Nagaur.


With the plant and the other projects in place, the group is pioneering in setting up large infrastructures; developed by ATD Group and SRAM & MRAM Group.


Since July, the State Government of Rajasthan has been aggressively working towards setting up basic amenities and health infrastructure. The state government is also installing Oxygen Plants across the state. The initiative will help the cities of Rajasthan to be ready for addressing any contagious variant like Delta Plus, etc., which are transmittable and lethal for both- adults as well as children.

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