Music has Emotions, Diljit Dosanjh Adds those to the Cover of Face Magazine

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Since the dawn of time, music has been appreciated and understood in the forms of raags, sound, sur-taal, beats, tones, voices, and a plethora of different melodies. The most pleasing types of music were liked by ancestors and even ancestors of ancestors. The Indian music industry, as it evolves today, has a touch of retro, vintage, and delicate symphony to it, which is rather lovely.


Cover of Face Magazine – September 2021


Diljit Dosanjh interacts with his large fan base after releasing the cosmic poster for his new album, ‘Moon Child Era,’ just a few weeks ago. This poster, unlike others for his songs or films, has an animated feel to it. Diljit is pictured floating freely in space in the ad, and he appears to be far too relaxed.


Through ‘Moon Child Era’, Diljit Dosanjh wishes to share many heartfelt emotions with his fans. Every now and then he has said that he isn’t sure that he should or should not share the things that are running on his mind, still, he would like to connect and say things out loud. Also, he has mentioned time and again that this album is very close to his heart, it has more than what meets the eye.


Face Magazine’s gem cover star; Diljit Dosanjh, does justice to the luxury fashion platform, with his retro look on the cover. 


It is surely the era of the moonchild, if Diljit says it so. The humongous audience that looks up to him, is going to be celebrating the flow of his emotions, with his new album. Diljit has left no stone unturned in the fashion space, he is an idol to many, and has showcased the best of his looks this autumn, as the cover star for Face magazine, the readers of which are spread across – India, USA, UK, Russia, Dubai, Italy, Japan, Taiwan and more countries. 


Face Magazine is the new world digital space which has enhanced the ‘reading space’ for all. The magazine has paid an ode to the star, the music industry and presented the best of fashion to its readers, for them to enjoy their coffee more while they read. 

Diljit was asked about the motivation for this charismatic album, and he replied, “It’s a different sensation, and I’m hoping that my album communicates a message to someone while also teaching me something new. I’ll get some answers automatically, but I’m looking forward to others.”


He has certainly piqued interest with regard to the cover, music, and songs, but fans and industry insiders would describe it as a “happy addiction.” Diljit’s songs are soothing to the soul, and those who listen to them do so on a regular basis. Diljit acknowledged that while being on the cover of Face magazine is exciting, the fact that the record being promoted this time is one he cares deeply about is much more so. He has always believed that music is a storey of life expressed in various tones; the lyrics, as well as the musical experience that this CD will provide, will be a source of pride for Face magazine. Diljit is not only a singer, musician, and actor, but he is also a sought-after speaker.


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