Motorsport Came Alive with High Octane Launch of Formula Regional Indian Championship in Hyderabad

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Formula Regional Indian Championship and Formula 4 Indian Championship‘ Launched at Madhapur in Hyderabad. The world-class FIA Grade Street circuit which is to be held in Hyderabad, New Delhi, Chennai, Coimbatore in February 2022 across four cities. As part of the curtain-raiser, the F3 street circuit race was started from the city’s iconic cable bridge and concluded at the venue. Witnessed burning tyres and screaming engines, motorsport came alive today with the high octane launch of Formula Regional Indian Championship and Formula 4 Indian Championship. On the occasion Megha Engineering & Infrastructures Ltd. Chairman P.P. Reddy and M.D Krishna Reddy launched the F3 Car.

After the launch of Formula Regional indian Championship, Part of Curtain Raiser F3 car race starting from Madhapur

Speaking about the Racing Promotions current endeavors Akhilesh Reddy, Chairman, Racing Promotions said, “Monaco being a sovereign city-state has produced F1 drivers, and we as a country of a billion-plus now have the platform to give aspiring racing drivers the opportunity to compete with the best in the world and potentially a stepping stone to the apex of motorsports which is F1.” Adding that he said, “We committed to investing in the long-term development of motorsports and creating a platform for aspiring racing drivers in India, the first season of racing would kick off on Feb-March 22 in New Delhi, Chennai, Coimbatore and Hyderabad, and attract global racing talents as well.”

Navjeet Gadoke, Vice Chairman and Managing Director, RPPL added, “Our investment will revolutionize Indian motorsports, and the objective is to build a world-class, holistic ecosystem for motorsports which will become a force to reckon with, not just for this sport, but Indian sports in general.” The new innings of Racing Promotions herald the new era of long-term racing culture in India with races planned across the country. In the coming months, Racing Promotions Pvt. Ltd. would host the Formula Regional Indian Championship and Formula 4 Indian Championship, certified by the FIA. RPPL is also looking forward to relaunching the city-based league as the “Indian Racing League” in Q1 2022. Also on the schedule is India’s First-Ever FIA Graded Street Circuit in Hyderabad!

Megha Engineering and Infrastructures Ltd. Chairman P.P. Reddy, MD, Krishna Reddy, Racing Promotions Chairman Akhilesh Reddy, Vice Chairman Navjeet and Car Racers Akhil and Anindith were seen while Launching F3 Car

Present on the launch, Joint MD, RPPL, Armaan Ebrahim reflected “It is great to finally have world-class equipment and race cars on our home soil. We welcome Akhilesh and Navjeet to our company, and look forward to building a series of championships that enable Indian drivers to compete at the highest level globally and will make Indians a force to reckon with in the motorsport world.”

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