Migration Trends to Australia on a Steady Increase with Growing Vaccination Drives

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With international borders finally getting ready to unlock, governments are beginning to shape their migration programs to benefit development and boost recovery. With vaccination drives picking up in India, there is an increase in the number of students applying to study abroad, with Australia being one of the most favoured destinations among aspiring Indian students.

Mr. Pramesh Khadka, Founder and Chief Technology Enabler of Educonnect

The international job market demand in certain sectors has increased considerably in recent times because of the pandemic. Industries in which Australia has a shortage of skills, for example – healthcare, agriculture, community service, and engineering, to name a few, will see a rise in demand for skilled individuals. Many aspiring migrant workers and students are making use of this lockdown to get vaccinated and hope to travel to Australia to make up for this shortage and to fulfill their career and education goals.

Mr. Pramesh Khadka, Founder and Chief Technology Enabler of Educonnect, a tertiary education comparison platform based in Australia, commented, “Australia has an internationally recognised education system. Students finishing their studies in Australia are job-ready and welcomed by the government to pursue their permanent residency plans. We are looking at international students to return in phases from later this year. As each state and territory unveils its travel plans for vaccinated individuals, the road to immigration opportunities becomes easier with time.”

Australia has and continues to react promptly to the pandemic and is one of the least affected amongst all countries making it the top choice for migrants. Although the last 18 months have been an unprecedented time for immigration and mobility, the current Australian government plans for opening borders, specific proposals for returning international students and boosting vaccination programs show an upsurge of migrant and student applications.

The Australian education policies allow people to work while studying to gain relevant skills and training. Students in Australia have ample exposure to international communities and the relevant industries that provide them with the confidence to work in a diverse pool of workplaces. The fact that Indians are the second-largest group of migrants to Australia is strong evidence that Australia supports migration from India, as this contributes to their economic growth.

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