Maximize Returns by Laddering Deposits with Bajaj Finance FD

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Fixed deposit is one of the most preferred financial investment tools available in the market. Factors such as safety of the invested amount, assured returns, ease of investment and payout options make it the ideal investment tool for risk-averse investors. Moreover, a high-paying fixed deposit plan such as a offers lucrative returns over a longer tenor. However, deciding the right time to park funds in an FD could be a challenging task due to constant interest rate fluctuations. In this case laddering one’s deposits is a highly effective idea, as it helps balance the effects of the fluctuating interest rates.

Bajaj Finance online Fixed Deposit offers interest rates up to 6.75%

Laddering deposits for augmented returns

FD laddering is a simple investment strategy, wherein investors park their money in multiple FD instruments of varying tenors to offset their risk. The technique essentially involves dividing one’s funds and investing them in separate FDs, instead of locking in the entire corpus in just one FD. This can be better understood with an example.

An investor wanting to invest Rs. 6,00,000 in a fixed deposit plan can divide the sum in 3 equal parts and invest the funds in 3 separate Bajaj Finance online FDs. Here, tenors for all FDs are different, starting with 1-year tenor to 3-year tenor.

This is how the investment table would look like.

Principal Amount Invested (Rs.)

Tenor (year)

Interest Rate Applicable (%)

Interest Payout (Rs.)

Maturity Amount (Rs.)
















One can reinvest the funds received on maturity of each deposit in a new 3-year FD plan. When the first FD matures, it can be re-invested for three more years, maturing in the fourth year. This process can be continued until the third FD is re-invested in a 3-year deposit. This creates an investment loop, allowing one to yield enough liquid funds to cater to financial requirements. One can create their own laddering strategy according to respective financial goals and needs. With attractive FD rates provided by Bajaj Finance FD, one can grow their savings easily.

Simple and credible investment platform

One doesn’t have to wait in long queues to submit documents as investments can be made in Bajaj Finance online FD from the comfort of one’s home. The Bajaj Finance online FD form and cKYC document verification process will make the overall experience better. An additional FD interest rate of 0.10% can be earned by utilizing this end-to-end paperless investment procedure. For confirming the returns that apply to the FD type and tenor one has decided to go with, they can visit the fixed deposit calculator page available on Bajaj Finserv’s website.

Bajaj Finance online FD is a haven for investing earnings. This can be verified from the high credit ratings it has received from CRISIL (FAAA) and ICRA (MAAA) which are the leading credit rating agencies in India.

FD laddering is a great way to maximise one’s returns at maturity and minimise risk. It is recommended to use a laddering strategy best suited to one’s financial goals, income and liquidity requirements. It is an ideal tool for anyone who wants to get the most out of their fixed deposit investment.

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