M.Sc. Applied Psychology, Delve into the Human Mind

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Recent upheavals caused by the pandemic, changing job requirements and financial uncertainties are making lives more stressful. The psychological impact of these are underappreciated, and they need qualified psychologists to help them cope with demands of the new age.

NMIMS (Deemed University)


NMIMS (Deemed University) is introducing the M.Sc. Applied Psychology program from September 2021. The salient feature of this program is the emphasis being laid on the overall development of students, with major focus on application and field work. The course focuses on providing students in-depth insights in Applied psychology that helps them become good professionals.

Practical papers based upon various clinical assessments will enrich the students’ knowledge and deepen their understanding of clinical phenomena. On completion of the course, apart from theoretical understanding, students will be in a position to conduct research in different areas of Psychology and its applications.

The concepts of analysis, intervention and evaluation are central to the structure and philosophy of this program. The core modules provide training in research methods and professional issues. The subjects provided in the curriculum further development of these competencies and expand knowledge, while enabling students to consider their applications in specified content areas.

The course provides:

  • A preparatory training for those intending to apply.

  • More specialised postgraduate professional courses or doctorate course in psychology.

  • And for those intending to pursue a career in which psychological expertise of a high level is necessary.

Students can also start their careers as mental healthcare workers or allied healthcare professionals after finishing their degree.

Areas of applied psychology studied include:

This course is aimed at graduates who have previously studied psychology and want to further their knowledge to an advanced level, as well as the chance to develop an understanding of how psychology is applied to a particular aspect of real life.


The M.Sc. Applied Psychology is a two years course, which includes four semesters with major focus on advanced, specialised knowledge of psychology, clinical/ industrial scopes and applications for practicing and researching in the field.



A total of 40 seats are available for M.Sc. Applied Psychology.

Last date of application

12th September, 2021

For detailed information regarding dates and course specifics, visit science.nmims.edu/academics/programs/msc-applied-psychology.

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