Kyzer Software Announces Expansion Plans

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  • The company also announced its intention of enhancing its global presence in the future

  • The brand recently revealed its plans for building a complete trade finance platform as a part of its software growth strategy


Kyzer Software, a trusted name in the Banking & Finance Industry, recently revealed its future plans of building a complete trade finance platform that will help shape the future of Bank Customer – Business – Regulatory connect. The brand also informed the public about plans to expand and strengthen its presence globally in the approaching times.


The brand’s offerings and functions include being an Advisory to banks on trade processes, automation & regulatory implementations. Kyzer also offers Trade Finance Automation pan India for all Foreign Exchange which covers Trade and Non-Trade transactions, integrations with bank core and non-core systems, treasury, etc.


The Mumbai-based company is looking forward to expanding its footprints at the global level and seeks to establish strategic partnerships internationally. As part of expansion strategies, they are presently in discussions about a merger with some global IT firms in this regard. The company feels that their domain expertise and their partner’s global outreach will bring in excellent opportunities for both businesses.


While discussing future targets to expand the client base, the company stated their focused target to be global banks, especially the new and developing banks across the world. They also shared their openness to cross banking customer portal development with premier features for banks, corporates, and SMEs. Presently, the company will be moving ahead with the integration of BOTs, OCR, and Blockchain for now.


Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Manish Bharucha, CEO, Kyzer Software, said, “At Kyzer, we seek to introduce latest and efficient solution to all our customers need and problems. Our aim is to combine technology and automation in banking and finance niche processes to make work smooth and economic for all. We seek to introduce digital transformation of entities throughout the banking and finance industries. We are looking forward to further enhance the quality and scope of our services and make them available globally. The company has been working relentlessly in the direction and hopes to show results soon.” 


Kyzer enjoys being the First Customer Trade Portal to offer both trade products and regulatory management. The company also provides trade request initiation, document submissions, alerts & notifications with complete trade information.


Their offerings further include Pan India Trade Automation products used by thousands of Bank users and ready to deploy marketable and Infosec compliant products with built-in business rules & validations for key trade products and regulatory reports.


About Kyzer

Kyzer is a self-established technology-based start-up in the Bank and Finance niche. Since its inception in 2016, the company has partnered with 16+ banks across India. This start-up headquartered in Mumbai assists banks in digitalizing and automating banking processes and the feasible and quick generation of critical compliance and regulatory reports. The company also produces a number of high-end technical products with BPM, DMS, rules-engine, and API integration.

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