Korikart TV Homeshopping Collaborates with Tata Sky to Air on Channel 155 on India Voice

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Korikart TV Home Shopping, a daily broadcasting video-commerce channel of Korikart, joined hands with Indias largest distribution platform, Tata Sky. The audio-visual portal is known as a successful effort to connect with the patrons. It branches out from its parent company – Korikart, which has proven itself as Indias one-stop online store for Korean products. Korikart TV Home Shopping was conceived keeping in mind the need to resonate with the clients and align with their expectations more intensely. The platform is helping the brand to connect with the people of India as it has now proudly affiliated itself with the industry leader of D2H services. Airing on channel number 155 of India Voice, Korikart is expanding its reach and is focusing on increasing proximity with the countrys client base.

Korikart TV Home Shopping

Korikart TV Home Shopping has also collaborated with other seven distribution network platforms such as Siti channel UP-366, Siti Channel Uttrakhand – 345, Delhi cable 374, Alisha cable-280, Badri cable- 405, ABPL cable-315 and Jio TV Application. The video-commerce channel showcases Korean products videos available on Korikart. It relays around 14 products in the category of kitchen, lifestyle, fashion, home and food. India Voice channel has had quite some limelight with around 10 million viewers and huge penetration in the states like Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal and Bihar and with Korikart aligning itself alongside the channel– the relationship and the audience is only going to grow by folds.

Korikart has been making constant endeavours to ace the race of providing the best of K-products to its consumers and partnering with the D2H segment brings it one step closer to its goal. Tata Sky is not just one trusted distribution network in India but also has a vast reach that promises Korikart a large audience. This association is helping both the brands to work towards a common aim and shall eventually lead to strengthening the K-wave in the country.

Encouraging higher visibility and customer engagement, Korikart TV Home Shopping plans to popularise the Korean culture and products while simultaneously boosting the brands profitability.

Tata Sky has a robust network in India, and its presence is felt across all regions of the country and the increasing viewership of the portal. Targeting various age groups and producing content for people carrying varied interests, the leading service provider has managed to align itself with the expectations of many. Affiliating with the Korean brand is only aiding the two to form a symbiotic relationship where they mutually benefit and offer the best to the Indian audience. The association and introduction of our video-commerce platform will help people in understanding the products better along with proper demonstration and thus working in the favour of the customers,” says, CEO & Founder, Korikart.

Korikart is leaving no stone unturned in reaching out to his Indian customers and helping them to navigate through the exhaustive variety of Korean products. It is expanding its spectrum and media to connect with the customers and further plans to affiliate with D2H for future endeavours as well. Amplifying its support nationwide, it aims to satisfy its clients and increase their numbers exponentially in the coming times.

About Korikart

Korikart is a one-stop online store that provides multiple Korean products in India. Its a multi-brand store that has been designed to meet the growing needs of the customers in India who are looking forward to acquiring Korean quality products. It is also the first e-commerce platform to introduce video e-commerce. The brands USP includes catering to its patrons with K-Beauty products along with providing them a visual demonstration of the products through various videos. Korikart’s dynamic team regularly uploads videos providing complete guidance of the usage of the products they sell.

For more information, please visit: korikart.com.

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