Kauvery Hospital Launches Kauvery Kare – An Exclusive App for Online Consultations

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In the last one year, the healthcare seeking habits of patients were radically transformed due to the isolation and claustrophobia, imposed and induced respectively, by the pandemic. Patients, confined by quarantine or isolation, mandated by COVID-19, had many troubling questions they wanted answered. Patients with non-COVID ailments, both acute or chronic, were put on a spot, with no choice but to postpone their hospital visits.

To respond to their concerns and deliver the required service, Kauvery Group of Hospitals one of the leading healthcare chains in Tamil Nadu, tapped the digital space and created a platform to assure patients that the experts are only a click away and that their well-being was the prime concern and responsibility. Kauvery cares, and launched the ‘Kauvery Kare‘ mobile application through which patients could consult with experts they wanted to, from the safety and comfort of their homes.

“Though every hospital has an app, ours was never intended for a commercial application. It emerged as a genie from the pot in which simmered our worries about how you and your family were faring in these worrisome pandemic times. Ours is a platform with features that people need, with a simple interface and an easy flow. The ease it provided in accessing our care for all patients, whether self-isolated due to COVID or home bound during a lockdown and frustrated with their inability to contact their physicians, was comforting and reassuring to our patients and their families. We are now looking for ways to deliver continuity in care through the app well beyond the pandemic,” said Dr. Manivannan Selvaraj, Founder and Managing Director, Kauvery Group of Hospitals.

The sole aim, and objective is to provide the Kauvery family immediate access to quality care, not just from homes, but from anywhere. With just a download, patients could book an appointment with an expert and consult online for themselves as well as their family members.

“People have already paused their lives, putting everything on hold, for more than a year due to COVID-19. We do not want another dark shadow to creep over their day because of concerns about health care. Through this, we are determined to serve people faster with access to healthcare from anywhere, without needing to take a break from work and visit the hospital,” adds Dr. Manivannan.

In the last few months, thousands of patients have consulted their experts online through the Kauvery Kare app. The app was released with all necessary features and it is regularly upgraded integrating new updates that will make user experience easier. Kauvery Hospital also plans to display wellness blogs and articles, and address common concerns through experts, to fully meet the need for a credible source of medical information amidst the plethora of information splashed all over the internet.

With an understanding that, once normalcy returns, people would prefer coming back to the hospital, the app is also designed to enable patients to book their appointment and complete the process for the in-person visits. This means that patients no longer have to wait to register, call for an appointment or queue up for completion of the process. With much more in store, this app is the complete healthcare access plan, compact and convenient, nesting inside a small tab in our mobiles. The application is available in Trichy, Chennai and Salem branches of Kauvery Hospital at present.

The App is available on both Android and iOs respectively.

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