JMT 1000 HS Becomes More Affordable with Increase in FAME-ll Subsidy

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Jitendra Electric Vehicles welcomes the recent amendments in the Fame-ll policy under National Mission on Electric Mobility (NMEM) by the Department of Heavy Industries, Government of India.

JMT 1000 HS

I thank the Central government and especially the Department of Heavy Industries for supporting our EV industry in a time of crisis. The sharp decline in on-road prices will make electric two wheelers more affordable for the common person. We have slowly started reeling from the economic halt spurred by the deadly second wave of COVID-19. Therefore, the timely tweaks in FAME-ll policy are all the more important for the domestic EV industry by accelerating EV adoption among the common people,” said company’s Co-founder Director Samkit Shah.

According to the notification issued by the Department of Heavy Industry, the incentive for electric two-wheelers is Rs. 15,000 per kWh, Rs. 10,000 per kWh up from the earlier subsidy rate. The limit on the incentives for an electric two wheelers is now capped at 40 percent of its price, twice the previous limit of 20 percent. Jitendra Electric Vehicles and their valued customers are direct beneficiaries of the government’s move to accelerate EV adoption in the country.

Jitendra Electric Vehicles high speed (upto 51km/hr) but pocket friendly (mileage 90km/charge) electric scooter JMT 1000 HS, which was cleared by the Government for availing a subsidy, has gained more from the recent changes in FAME-ll. There is a whopping price drop on the fast charging IOT enabled e-scooter which comes with features such as 1KW motor, 2KW battery, regenerative braking system, reverse assistant and find-my-scooter. JMT 1000 HS is now available with 3 years’ warranty at Rs. 61,995, Rs. 12,082 less from the earlier price.

Elaborating on the prospects for the company, Mr. Shah said, “Our company plans to sell 3X units this fiscal year as compared to last fiscal year. The increase in subsidy will definitely boost sales and help us achieve our target. It will further ease in reaching out to customers in all districts throughout India and thus increase out footprint in the national market.

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