It is Not Just ‘Work-from-Home’ it is ‘Win a Home’: Policybazaar’s ‘Jeeto Apna Ghar Contest’ During the Pandemic

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Contact centre advisors for a large proportion of Policybazaars workforce. These advisors work tirelessly through the year to deliver exceptional performance which in turn has helped make huge strides in the industry. Despite the challenges of working from home, these advisors have given excellent results even during the pandemic. The core value of Customer-Centricity of Policybazaar is embraced by these advisors who guide customers throughout the insurance journey, from offering them the right products at affordable prices, to ensuring a speedy policy issuance process & post issuance support including claims. All this is going a long way towards helping customers come under the safety net and increasing the number of the Indian population that is insured.

Sarbvir Singh, CEO,

Owning a house is the biggest dream of any individual and the organisation wanted to offer this as a prize to our advisors for recognizing their commitment and dedication. “We wanted to reinforce the point that Policybazaar is the best earning opportunity in the insurance space. Therefore, we came up with the Jeeto Apna Ghar Contest in April last year wherein our contact centre advisors stood a chance to win their own house worth Rs. 25 lacs,” said Sarbvir Singh, CEO,

Each year, there is a performance review at Policybazaar and under this exercise, the top performers are selected. About 1000 top performing advisors of FY 19-20 were eligible for entering the contest. Of these advisors, about 400 of them qualified based on their performance of FY 20-21 for getting lottery tickets to compete for owning a house. At the end of the financial year, 10 advisors won houses on the basis of a lucky draw. A total of Rs. 2.5 crores has been disbursed for houses and additionally, 237 advisors also won cash rewards up to Rs. 5 lacs. A total of Rs. 3.2 crores were disbursed as cash rewards.

“With this contest, we have become the pioneers of giving such a huge reward to our workforce in the entire insurance industry,” he added. Policybazaar plans to continue with this reward programme in FY 22 as well and the top performers of FY21 will be eligible for enrolling.

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