ISS Facility Services India Introduces Germagic™ Thyme, a Germicidal Coating for Protection against Novel Coronavirus

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  • The specialised disinfection solution from ISS is on offer for corporates, hospitals, education institutions,  Hotels, Metro & Suburban trains, Bus fleet operators, and Airlines looking at ensuring safe spaces

  • Germagic™ Thyme is made using world-class technology to provide safe, hygienic, and long-lasting germicidal protection against viruses (including novel coronavirus), bacteria, and fungi

  • Eliminates up to 99.9% of pathogens through fast-acting self-disinfection on touch and contamination

  • Uses encapsulation technology for controlled-release of active antimicrobials that creates contact-killing, release- killing, and anti-adhesion abilities

  • Available in India exclusively through ISS


ISS Facility Services India, a leading global provider of workplace experience and facility management services, has today announced the launch of Germagic™ Thyme – a world-class technology producing germicidal coatings for protection against viruses (including COVID-19), bacteria, and fungi, in India. Available in India exclusively through ISS, Germagic™ Thyme solution is being offered to the clients of ISS in India and other corporates, hospitals, educational institutions, Hotels, Metro & Suburban trains, Bus fleet operators, and Airlines who are looking for effective solutions to ensure safe spaces as employees start returning to offices and students return to classrooms.


ISS Facility Management Services Launches ‘Germagic Thyme’ in India


This long-lasting disinfection solution with its ‘double-kill action’ capability has an efficacy of up to 60 days and is approved for use for its non-corrosive, non-toxic formulation. It has also passed oral/inhalation toxicity and skin sensitivity tests. Germagic, through various tests, has confirmed that the solution is effective against SARS-CoV-2 variants.


Aksh Rohatgi, CEO and Country Manager, ISS India, commenting on the solution and its importance, said, “As organizations brace themselves to make their workspaces safe for their employees, students and other visitors, we are excited to launch ‘Germagic™ Thyme’ to alleviate the safety and hygiene concerns of such organizations as places reopen, providing much-needed reassurance to people to feel relaxed and achieve their purpose within a hygienic environment. Germagic™ Thyme is faster in killing Coronaviruses than an average disinfectant and has a double-kill mechanism that makes it trusted by hospitals, embassies, and workspaces across countries for creating a safe and hygienic environment. We are happy to support these organizations in reopening their spaces.” 


Germagic™ Thyme eliminates up to 99.9% of pathogens through fast-acting self- disinfection on touch and contamination. The USEPA and FDA-approved formulation uses encapsulation technology for the controlled-release of active antimicrobials that create contact-killing, release-killing, and anti-adhesion abilities.


A video on Germagic™ technology can be viewed .


About ISS Facility Services (India)

ISS Facility Services India, headquartered in Mumbai, is a subsidiary of the Denmark-based global facility management services and workplace experiences leader ISS A/S (ISS Group). The company started its operations in India in 2005 and today has over 50,000 employees managing more than 180 Mn. sq. ft. of area for over 1,000 clients across the country.


ISS’s unique Integrated Facility Services (IFS) model, high standards of compliance and self-delivery, have helped create a huge differentiation in the marketplace. ISS also implements industry-leading IFS solutions to deliver savings, compliance, experiences, strategy innovation, impact, value, and enhanced brand reputation for its customers. Its industry capabilities and customer communities in India focus primarily on three broad areas, including Banking and Professional Services, Technology, and Industry & Manufacturing, which also includes Heavy Engineering, Healthcare, Pharma, and FMCG.

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