Incentivize Employees with Vantage Fit to Keep themselves Fit and Healthy

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In recent times, corporations have hugely focused on various employee wellness strategies with the sole purpose of ensuring employee wellbeing. Keeping that in view, many wellness technology solutions are coming in to address the need for corporate health initiatives. As we witness transformations in staff management, the need for progressive IT in employee wellbeing increases.

The right technology and approach are what you require to manage those wellness programs in the workplace without entailing vigorous IT support services. Today, HR professionals are looking for ways to develop healthy lifestyles among employees. While doing so, they should offer the latter a platform enough to encourage themselves to stay fit. As at the end of the day, motivation must come from within.

Apart from other technological innovations, going digital, even on the wellness front, does a great deal in the unfortunate times of the global pandemic, especially when most employees are working remotely.

As we know, wellness tech invokes images of wearable technology or smartphone health tracking applications. And at the intersection of both technology and wellbeing, overall health seems to improve.

Corporates resorting to health and wellness platforms can form a comprehensive view of employee health by viewing their wellbeing status through one convenient platform. The prospect is vast, and the benefits of health technology are hard to miss. As we mentioned, work from home is the new trend, and it is just a matter of time before working alongside artificial intelligence becomes a commonplace.

People today seek flexibility when it comes to fitness and wellbeing, which are also ideal for remote workers. So providing every health service on a digital platform makes it easily accessible for employees working from both home and office because there is no place constraint. This way, the entire workforce stays involved and connected.

With Vantage Fit, our comprehensive corporate wellness platform, we have molded health management into adopting a new approach to employee health. Our primary goal is to build an active and healthy workforce worldwide. Wellness programs hosted on digital platforms are prevalent these days. And Vantage Fit exactly does that.

It comes with distinctive real-time features, each driving you towards attaining that fitness goal you have set for yourself. Through this corporate wellness platform, employees can sync their daily steps with the presence of a step tracker. Further, the availability of a nutrition tracker enables one to log in everyday meals, track calorie intake, protein, and more. At the same time, the heart rate monitor helps to observe the heart rate.

The advanced features of our wellness platform create a level of consciousness among employees by allowing them to track their health status(s) and become more aware.

The above-mentioned features capacitate organizations to monitor their employees’ health by holding team-building events like fitness contests and challenges to revolutionize employee wellness journeys. These contests come with specific targets for employees to achieve in terms of steps, calories, water intake, and whatnot. Accomplishing those targets makes them eligible for incentives as fitness rewards or digital money.

Additionally, employees can analyze their progress in those challenges by accessing the leaderboard at their disposal. The more they know, the more they can work on it. Therefore, the complete process and instant incentivization keep the staff engaged and motivated to maintain their health in check.

Apart from participating in health campaigns, Vantage Fit offers employees to log other physical activities like yoga, swimming, aerobics, among others. All in all, it facilitates health awareness amongst the workforce.

About Vantage Fit

Vantage Fit is a one-stop solution for corporates looking to warrant employee wellbeing. We have successfully expanded our reach to companies from over 26 countries, with RBS, IIM Ranchi, ESAF, IDB being our significant clients. Even the recently held event Global Corporate Virtual Walkathon 2021 was a huge success. It saw the participation of 3600+ individuals hailing from 24 countries worldwide. Thus, through Vantage Fit, employers mainly aim to incentivize employees on their march towards a healthy lifestyle through instant real-time tracking and studying their physical activities on a daily basis.

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