How Smart Digital Agencies are Helping Brands by Taking Content Designing to a New Level

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Content is the new currency for brands‘ is a saying that has been picking up pace recently. The power of content increased manifold when businesses were forced to switch to the digital mode for survival. This is what made organizations across domains realize that providing relevant and premium content is crucial to survive and differentiate themselves from competitors. It not only helps customers to easily and effectively engage with a brand but also improves their journey with the brand. However, it is not just the content alone but also the creative concepts along with global quality and innovative content that help brands achieve their objectives.

This emerging trend has introduced numerous changes in the content space and thus has paved the way for many startups to come to the forefront and attain a spot amongst the pioneers in the content designing industry.

One such brand that has successfully covered its journey from that of a start-up to being entitled as the leading content design company is ODN Digital. Founded in 2015, the company has risen to name and fame in just 5+ years and continues to help brands reach their customer base effectively via their premium content from the E-commerce and Marketing Content perspectives.

Initiating its startup journey with photoshoots, the company now caters to a spectrum of services including catalog shoots, catalog videos, informative graphics under its E-com content services and social media management, website design, banner, and landing pages designing along with creative shoots and videos under its Marketing Content vertical. Ever since their inception, they have been putting in their best foot forward and have even been successful in delivering edited images and videos, 3D renders, GIFs, A+ infographics in just 24 hours!

Their focus has always been to come up with innovative strategies and depict creativity in every bit, every project that they do! They promise brands to deliver global quality content. They also lay extreme emphasis on a quick turnaround time and this acts as a differentiating factor for them.

Sharing his vision and idea behind launching the venture, Mr. Narinder Mahajan, Co-founder & CEO, ODN Digital Services, says, “I possess 18 years of industry experience and I am a consumer retail and E-Commerce specialist. During my corporate journey, I have worked with various prominent organizations across diverse industries and formats of consumer retail. Prior to launching ODN Digital Services, I was working with an E-Commerce giant and that is when I observed the scope of opportunity and growth for high-quality and creative content. At the time, there was a significant surge in investments in the marketplaces, Digital Marketing, and social media domains from the E-Commerce perspective. There was also an enormous demand for creative content and I realized that it will continue to spike in the times ahead. Hence, was the conceptualization of ODN Digital Services.

The brand serves clients both at the national and international levels and is present in the US, Europe, Middle East, and APAC regions. So far, ODN Digital Services has worked for 200+ clients across industries and across the globe and has delivered over 1 million catalogs and over 0.5 million edited images.

The organization has been playing a pivotal role in helping brands share their story with the world via their innovative ideas and global quality content. ODN Digital Services is one of the very few content partners authorized by key marketplaces like Myntra, Flipkart, Tata Cliq, and Noon amongst many others for premium catalog shoots. They have worked with various other major brands like M&S, Chaayos, Chumbak, Lakshita, Enamor, Timex, Wakefit, GAP, Lakshita, Paytm, Emporio Armani, etc. and have served them global quality content for their Indian markets. They have also catered to the content requirements of some recognized international brands like Fossil Group from the APAC area, Centrepoint Stores, and GHC Group from the Middle-East region, and Bodhi Beverly Hills from the US.

Sharing about their journey so far, Mr. Kumar Udaar, Co-founder and COO, ODN Digital Services, says, ”Of course, we have had our fair share of start-up struggles. Be it financial crunch, sourcing and hiring the right talent, ensuring sustenance in the ever-evolving market, or convincing brands about our authenticity, credibility, and quality of work and getting new clients on board, we have seen it all! But we were focused and determined! We were clear in our mission and vision and we wanted to achieve what we had planned. We are glad that all our hard work is being paid off and we have emerged to be the leading content creator and provider in India.”

Expressing the roller-coaster creative journey so far, Ms. Archana Gulia, Director, Creatives, ODN Digital Services says, ”We at ODN Digital Services believe and work with a creative vision to manifest new-age strategies for our clients. Together as a team, we come up with innovative concepts and conceptualize aesthetic creatives so as to deliver global quality content. We also make sure to fulfill our promise of a quick turnaround time and in that process, we do keep the quality of our curated content in check. We also keep a close watch on the industry trends and develop content keeping into consideration the brands requirements, customer base, and their image in the market. We weave brand stories into artistic formats of content be it A+/ infographics, catalog shoots, stop-motion videos, theme-based creative shoots, etc. via our expertise and creativity of our skilled team. We make concerted efforts to give nothing but only out-of-the-box strategies and high-end content to our clients!”

The brand in just a short span of time has been able to create a remarkable and unsurpassable position for itself in the market for its innovative conceptualization along with state-of-the-art creative content. ODN Digital Services’ goal is to design and deliver global quality content and maintain its leading stature for providing new-age ideas and manifesting creative strategies for brands.

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