Homeflic Wegrow is Swiftly Revolutionising the EdTech Sector

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Homeflic Wegrow community Pvt. Ltd. has been running operations since October 2020. It started off as a dream to accelerate the EdTech industry so the youth does not have to suffer due to the situation of insufficient resources created by the pandemic.

Homeflic Wegrow Management Team

Homeflic Wegrow is a platform where the youth can connect, learn, grow and achieve together. It allows immense opportunities for growth so that the youth leaders of our nation contribute in the welfare of our nation dramatically,” says Mr. Pranesh Goyal.

Mr. Yash Hemendra Agarwal CMD (Homeflic Group of Companies) & Mr. Arpit Lochan CEO (Homeflic Wegrow Community Pvt. Ltd.) conceptualised the entire idea to empower India’s youth by providing them with necessary tools that they need to advance in their life professionally and personally. It was realised that the novel way of commencing was through taking over the digital sphere and for that Mr. Kunal Kapoor, the Vice-President and Co-founder set up a system which would convenience the youth all over the world by having access to quality education on their fingertips.

The focus of Homeflic Wegrow remained on the holistic development of every child and that development was possible due to tackling the problem of accessibility and affordability. They introduced unconventional courses such as ethical hacking, music production and DJing, singing, graphic designing, and content creation, curation, marketing among many more. These courses were not always encouraged by parents as they always envisioned that their children would go for traditional careers such as being doctors or engineers. However, the upcoming demand for these careers was recognised by Homeflic Wegrow, along with the fact that attaining knowledge pertaining to these courses was not easy. This was due to the hefty prices which were charged by renowned institutions and also the fact that they could only teach those students who could be physically present in classes.

Since, the pandemic brought with it a deficit in the functionality of businesses and the spending power of the consumers, Homeflic Wegrow decided to create a platform which would solve both these problems. The businesses which provide top quality education would find an expansive audience for themselves and the students would be able to enhance their skillsets at nominal prices.

However, The start-up did not just stop there. It even introduced the “entrepreneurship bootcamp” which has successful professionals from various fields who counsel, mentor and structure the start-up ideas which young students come up with so that they are ready to launch their start-ups in the real world without the worry of failure. The best idea at the end of the 21-day bootcamp also receives a funding of Rs. 3,00,000 to invest in their future business!

They are also set to launch their new venture www.homeflicliving.com which facilitates a system that works towards enabling students to find accommodation away from home with ease! Stay tuned to find out what more Homeflic Wegrow has in store for us as they strive to revolutionise the EdTech industry forever.

For more information, visit the website: www.homeflicwegrow.com.

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