Homeflic Wegrow is Changing the EdTech Industry for the Better and Forever

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Homeflic Wegrow Community Private Limited was incorporated on October 2020 with a dream to empower the youth. They believed that the real progress of our nation lies in the hands of our youth leaders who can make a massive impact on the world if given the right tools. That is when the company swooped in and worked tirelessly to support that much needed change in our society.

Homeflic Wegrow Team

Homeflic Wegrow is a platform which is focussed towards providing vocational and experiential learning to the students who seek it. Their focus does not lie in the conventional academic structure but lies in the holistic development of a student which would aid them professionally and personally. They provide online courses which can be availed at pocket-friendly prices from the comfort of your home. These courses are futuristic and dynamic in nature as the variety of these courses ranges from learning the French language to mastering the stock market scenario.

Apart from this, the team has strategised endlessly and planned various networking events, trips, knowledge meets, entrepreneurship bootcamps and taken tribe sessions together to work towards educating our youth consciously. The team works in synchronisation to make magic happen across various departments, be it operations, human resources, sales, marketing or social media management. The team is full of young, high-spirited individuals who know how to make their way through any problem which arises before them. They are talented and possess diverse and detailed talents which have come together to produce something unique and special.

They strive to improve the current education system to give it more structure and ensure its accessibility. This organised education system which works on the principle of using technology for good and social upliftment, will also ensure that the new education system does not discriminate on the basis of the socio-economic background of any student.

The team has worked wonders previously and has achieved great milestones such as taking the valuation of the company to 10 crores in a short span of just 8 months! Their future plans include expanding their vision to other domains as well which would aid students in their process of growth. This includes helping them find suitable accommodation while they set out to achieve their dreams and also inculcate the offline teaching model through a learning management system like no other!

Stay tuned to see what amazing tricks the incredible team has up their sleeves!

For more information, please visit the website: www.homeflicwegrow.com.

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