Health and Happiness this Festive Season with Happilo

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With the festive season around the corner, several people are on the lookout for a perfect gift. Today, it is not about the material worth of the gift but the mere thought behind it. During these trying times where individuals are miles apart from friends and family, Happilo ensures that the spirit of festivity is still alive, especially in a tradition centric country like India. With an exclusive range of celebration and festive gift hampers, the brand aims to unite consumers in spirit and make gifting a seamless process.


A hamper full of health and happiness


With advanced post-production processes and every required safety protocol in place, every ridge through the brand’s value chain is thought through in the most efficient manner in order to provide consumers with complete safety as well as traceability, ensuring that no stone is left unturned in providing the brand’s products. With a shift in consumer preferences and traditional mannerisms (of consumption) taking a backseat, the brand has worked actively in bringing fresh ingredients with high hygiene standards to ensure hassle-free gifting and purchase processes.


Staying true to the maxim ‘the groundwork of all happiness is health’, Happilo – an amalgamation of ‘happiness’ and ‘love’ is a brand that is consistently working towards bringing healthy snacks into the homes of many. Delivering health and happiness to every doorstep over the past five years, Happilo has created a formidable mark for themselves in the healthy snacking segment. As the brand completes a successful five years in its making, this milestone is just the beginning of its journey towards climbing the stairway to further success.


The brand has held its position as a front runner in the healthy snacking industry over the past five years by keeping up with changing consumer demands and catering to them through the incorporation of the best possible practices throughout the value chain. Capitalising on the shift of consumers opting for healthier and a more sustainable diet as well as holistic lifestyle choices.


With produce of the finest quality and no human intervention through the production process, the brand has managed to win the hearts of millions across India even post the onset of the unfortunate pandemic. Owing to consumers becoming increasingly health-conscious, in some ways, more than ever before, the brand is adopting advanced technological practices along the entire value chain in its farm-to-fork model.


To be sure that every individual, no matter their socio-economic status, has access to healthy snacking options that are essential to boost immunity and give the body its required nutrition, Happilo will be launching snack packs ranging from Rs. 10 to Rs. 100 imminently. Established as a B2B organisation, the brand has also adopted an omnichannel D2C outlook to ensure ease of accessibility for each consumer. With a widespread presence, the brand has approximately 40 channel partners to 5000+ modern retail and general trades alongside its presence on e-commerce giants such as Amazon, Flipkart, Big basket and more. Additionally, the brand has also expanded its presence to brick and mortar stores such as Nature’s Basket, Wellness and various others where potential client footfall is monumental.


According to a study conducted by Mintel, there has been a 60% rise in the consumption of snacks in India since the onset of the pandemic, out of which 19% of the total snacks launched in India from February 2020 to January 2021 have formed a part of the Clean Label Snacks. This positive shift in the consumption pattern has created a great opportunity for brand’s like Happilo to grow exponentially.


Taking advantage of this opportunity, Happilo has expanded its customer base extensively in the recent past which has opened up new avenues in terms of holistic growth for them. The brand will soon be launching a new range of products in order to ensure that customers are not restricted by choice. Expanding its product line, Happilo aims to introduce a whole new range of Fox Nuts, Chickpeas, and coated Peanuts to cater to the ever-increasing demand of their consumers.


Starting out with a personal loan of Rs. 10,000, today Happilo is worth a booming 200 Cr. and the brand has seen great success due to the advanced technological practices and consumer-centric approach adopted. The organisation is based on the foundation of health and happiness and goes beyond every boundary to deliver just that.


Vikas Nahar, Founder of Happilo stated, “As a brand catering to the everyday wellbeing of individuals, we are working actively to ensure ease of accessibility across all product lines, as well as giving the consumer a wider choice of options. We aim at propagating healthier lifestyle choices and ensuring that we can reach out to the masses. This festive season we are looking forward to individuals choosing healthier gifting options through the introduction of our exclusive range of hampers and festive packs.


Rajiv Singh, Head of Marketing for the brand commented, “We are at the onset of the festive season in India, and since many of us cannot come together, Happilo is making it a little momentous by allowing our consumers to personalise hampers full of health and happiness to send across to friends and family this festive season.


Happilo aims to be a part of every big and small celebration in their consumers’ lives, bringing them the finest products sourced nationally as well as internationally. For every occasion, Happilo is here to deliver a bundle of health and happiness.

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