Häfele’s Prodoor Range Launched

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Plusch Door Profiles from Hfele‘s Prodoor Range go one step beyond your conventional profiles. Multiple design schemes depending on the vision you are going for are now possible with the help of this profile! With Plusch Door Profiles, you can experiment with different materials for the cabinet doors and drawer fronts like veneer, metal sheets and ultra-compact stone surfaces like Dekton to create visually stunning interiors while keeping the door weight light. All the hardware and screws are hidden conveniently behind the door material from the front while a thin back panel slid into the frame from the inside seals the hollow cavity created by the profiles, leaving you with flawless-looking furniture. The back panel colour can be matched to the cabinet interiors in order to create seamless aesthetics.

Plusch Door


  • Creates lightweight doors owing to the hollow structure that is formed when the Plusch Door Profiles are joined together

  • Encourages use of infrequent decorative materials like veneer, stone surfaces like Dekton and metal sheets as shutter fronts

  • Comes with a provision to slide-in a back panel to fill up the hollow framework of the door from inside. The colour of the back panel can be customized to match that of the cabinet interiors

  • No visible joinery from any side of the assembled cabinet door as all screws are inserted from the front which is covered by a decorative material

  • Available in attractive finishes – Brushed Stainless Steel and Brushed Black

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