Häfele Discoveries: The Journey Continues

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We embarked on an unusual Journey this year with an exhibition that was nothing like what we have done in the past – Hfele Discoveries. The experience was as new to us as it must have been for you, since we are so used to being at a physical Hfele booth, having conversations around live display settings. But given the current global situation, where physical distancing is the only course we can take to ensure maximum safety, we felt that the best way to stay in touch with you would be through an online exhibition platform that can be seen and experienced from the safety of your homes. And so we created Hfele Discoveries, an online platform showcasing an exclusive product selection for Interzum, put together through interactive 3-dimensional display settings, to give you a truly exceptional digital experience.

While the Hfele Discoveries platform was created as a parallel exhibition run to the Interzum@home online trade fair, Hfele is happy to inform you that this platform will be kept open to all customers till the end of this year. So, we welcome you to visit or re-visit us any time you want as per your convenience, in the coming days, weeks or even months. We will be happy to attend to you and take you through the different theme and product worlds from the Hfele portfolio.

And for the very first time, you can also see some innovative solutions from our Indian range through a special Hot-folder showcase on the Discoveries Platform. Take some time out to see our space-optimizing bed and furniture fittings that will give you a host of ideas on how to better plan the space within your homes or other interior places. Our range of built-in, freestanding and countertop home appliances showcased in detail in the hot-folder section will inspire you to add more convenience and utility to your kitchens and homes. You can also look through our newly launched range of profiles for different door applications to get aesthetic and functional ideas for different rooms within your homes. And this is just the start – there is a lot more to see, discover and absorb. We will continue to update this hot-folder section with latest product launches at Hfele India in the coming months.

It is true that digital experiences can never replace the comfort of face-to-face interactions at physical fairs, but we hope that this innovative tool becomes a good medium for us to stay connected – till we meet again!

For more details, please visit, www.hafeleindia.com/en/info/about-haefele/haefele-discoveries/116436/

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