GUS Education India Managing Director, Shashi Jaligama Honoured with Times Excellence Award 2021

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A digital marketing professional with over 18 years of experience in the segment, Shashi Jaligama is no less than a revolutionary, influencing verticals as diverse as Education, Retail, Fashion, and Gambling. As Managing Director of GUS Education India, Jaligama has been spearheading digital marketing and business development through his characteristic methodical approach, the foundation of which was laid during his stint in the UK.


Shashi Jaligama, GUS Education India Managing Director


Times Excellence Awards have been created by OMS (Times Group) to identify, encourage and provide recognition to young entrepreneurs, leaders, and innovators who have been game-changers in a true sense. It is a platform to celebrate success, recognize achievements, and highlight individuals who have excelled in their respective industries. These recipients have pushed boundaries while continuously striving hard to achieve milestones that have motivated and inspired others.


The event aims to recognize the champions who have done incredibly well in their industries and sectors. The recipients of this recognition belong to various categories like Auto, Retail, Real Estate, Healthcare, E-commerce, FMCG, Sports, Entertainment and Service industries, to name a few. To recognize these bright minds, a survey was conducted and several entities were assessed.


Given the lockdown situations in multiple states, the awards were held virtually, celebrating the most definitive gathering of change-makers and innovators.


Speaking on his spectacular achievement, Jaligama said, “I am truly honored to receive The Times Excellence Award & express my gratitude on behalf of GUS Education India. Being a Great Place to Work-Certified™ company, it validates our ‘WE’ before ‘I’ philosophy. I thank all GEIites for embracing this culture and showcasing a strong commitment to ethical values across the organization.”


Having started in GUS (Global University Systems) in 2013, as their Head of Digital Marketing, Jaligama today handles multiple portfolios spanning Client Services & Relations, International/Domestic Student Recruitment & Marketing, IT and Corporate Services through a strong team of over 1000 professional in Hyderabad, India.


Shashi’s other recognitions include AsiaOne’s Prestigious Young Asian Entrepreneurs 2020-21 Award and Marketing Meister Award 2020-21 by BARC Asia for leading GEI to new heights and achieving extraordinary growth in the Ed tech domain.


As an astute leader who is known to have a unique aptitude for success, no matter how competitive the environment is, Jaligama’s passion for quality & student centricity is unequivocally shared with employees, suppliers, agencies, affiliates, and brands, aligning all of them with GEI’s vision.


When corporate tycoons are becoming more and more shelled in their approach towards their employees, Jaligama’s open-door policy focusing on equal rights and equal participation from all has been widely appreciated. It is his able guidance and strong entrepreneurial motive that has helped his subordinates and colleagues express and fulfill their needs, besides enjoying a motivating work environment at GEI.


Shashi Jaligama’s inspiring leadership had set the grounds for GUS Education India being Great Place to Work certified, with a stellar 78% score under two chief categories – Credibility of Management and Pride – as per the Trust Index. Supporting this success are the twin pillars of ethics and support, both of which have been spearheaded by Jaligama in the organisation. 


The dynamic digital marketing tycoon has been graced with the Times Excellence Award to celebrate his perceptive guidance and people-centric entrepreneurial gesture. Shashi Jaligama has truly set an inspiring example before the world of what value-based leadership can do for an organisation and its people, and how principles can be combined with business genius and competitiveness to produce astounding results. 

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