Froogal – A Platform that Allows Brands to Build a Solid Customer Base by the Right Customer Engagement

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The digital age is challenging brands with shifting landscapes and consumer habits that require constant adaptation and reinvention. While companies are striving hard to deliver the high expectations of every consumer, the snag they are presented with is the absence of loyalty among existing customers. Brand loyalty is dwindling. The Northridge Group noted in its ‘State of Customer Service Experience 2019’ report that 72 percent of consumers switch brands after one bad experience. With these figures, one can easily conclude that customers will jump the ship when they see value elsewhere.


Jeevan Chowdhary, CEO and Founder Harshit Harchani, CTO and Co-founder


In the avarice of acquiring new customers, brands often leave out the existing customers – the ones who made the brand relevant. Froogal steps in here. It helps brands build exponential growth through enabling meaningful relationships with their customers. Froogal is a product company that drives revenue for businesses by helping them in collecting critical customer data, then using it to automate customer loyalty and experience while delivering personalized marketing campaigns through extensive analytics that will drive real ROI. It works with brands across multifarious industries such as F&B, Fashion Apparel, Retail, Wellness, Auto Repair, Insurance and Banking while expanding its potential across different sectors and regions through different technology and marketing innovations. Froogal was founded by Jeevan Chowdary M (Founder & CEO) and Harshit Harchani (Co-founder & CTO), both Alumni of IIIT Hyderabad who graduated in 2017.


Froogal helps businesses grow 9X times faster. It helps brands collect critical customer data from multiple touch points and use that data to the fullest potential to drive customer retention, customer engagement, brand advocacy and drive seamless experience to customers at scale. Froogal’s Enterprise Grade Loyalty Engine helps brands create reward programs which helps in better customer retention rate to drive better purchase frequency, to increase average basket size and to increase customer lifetime value. Froogal through its experience management platform helps brands collect and track customer experiences in real time after every transaction or activity that customer does with the brand and helps brands to automate 1:1 response so that brands can decrease the customer churn.


The analytics platform offered by Froogal helps brands gather customer data and understand their spending behaviour, demographic behaviour which allows them to segment customers better to design actionable campaigns. It also allows brands to run campaigns through omnichannel methods via SMS, Email, Push notifications to increase customer engagement by also incorporating gamification methods. Froogal’s referral platform helps brands convert their customers to be their brand ambassadors. They help brands launch a referral incentive driven program to acquire new customers through existing customers.


With Froogal, any business owner can adopt and leverage technology easily at a very affordable cost that automates most of their marketing needs to retain and engage customers on a great ROI while driving and building more revenues and a deeper relationship with their customers. The vision is to address the pain points faced by millions of brick-and-mortar businesses across the globe and turn them successful. Froogal is expanding further from the Indian market to the US & Canada, Middle East primarily and building channel partners actively.


According to an industry insight, 90 per cent of loyalty programmes are a failure today. Businesses today have only five – 10 per cent of repeat customers. There is lack in awareness about the importance of offering personalised benefits to customers and creating emotional push for making a purchase. Froogal is working towards redefining a loyalty programme strategy. It’s a win-win situation for both the consumers and businesses, which they need to understand, yet,” Jeevan concludes.

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