Entrepreneur Parminder Brar Launched “NRI Guardian” to Address the Problems of Indians Living Overseas

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Chandigarh-based young and talented entrepreneur has launched a unique start-up NRI Guardian which aims to provide a one-point solution to the issues of all the Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) living overseas. Understanding the roadblocks faced by NRIs in India, the visionary Parminder Singh Brar has started the company with a focus to provide hassle-free services covering Legal, Healthcare, Financial, Property, Documentation, and Concierge sectors. With in-depth knowledge and a dedicated team of professionals, the company’s mission is to provide a plethora of services under one roof. The company has its headquarters in Chandigarh with branches in multiple countries.

Intending to bridge the gap between NRIs and their motherland, NRI Guardian aspires to assist its clients with all their small and big requirements in India. By using world-class technology, NRI Guardian envisions becoming the single point of contact for all NRIs.

Mr. Parminder Singh Brar humbly introduces you to NRI Guardian

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Parminder Singh Brar, Founder & MD, NRI Guardian said, “Our company would be prompt in delivering complete solutions to its clients. Once you commence your journey with us, we aim to stay with you through thick or thin.”

Talking about the start-up, Mr. Brar said, “I received a call from a very dear friend of mine during the pandemic last year, who was stuck abroad because of the travelling restrictions imposed due to COVID. He was worried about the health of his parents, who reside in Punjab, as they were not keeping well and needed someone to look after them. By Gods grace his parents are all hail and hearty now, but this call got me thinking about the similar situation being faced by lakhs of NRIs whose parents are living in India and how the distance makes it difficult and nearly impossible for them to help their parents in times of need and in emergency situations. With this concern, I did a little research and was taken aback to see there was no trustworthy platform in India that could cater to the needs of NRIs and help their near and dear ones situated in India in dire situations. Since working for welfare of society and community has always been my motto, I decided to launch a platform where NRIs could have easy access to all essential services for their family members and loved ones in India.”

“I know for a fact that my experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm culminate in one that will help to launch the services that are of paramount importance and keep me and my team moving tirelessly to cater to peoples needs. Our focus is to be a catalyst in delivering reliable solutions and as the name suggests, assume the role of Guardian for them,” Mr. Brar added.

To ensure satisfaction and reliability to clients, Mr. Brar said, “I know from experience that too many companies resort to fraudulent means just to make money from their clients. They play on the name of promise but in reality, leave them stranded. With the vision in mind, to overcome all the shortcomings by providing productive solutions to clients, I established NRI Guardian. It is licensed by the Government of India and is ISO certified to ensure reliability.”

NRIs go through many difficulties and challenges as it is extremely daunting for them to attend to and address problems that occur daily in India. NRI Guardian has emerged as the professional organization which has come forward to serve and take care of the issues faced by overseas Indians while they are away from their home country.

You can visit their website at www.nriguardian.com for more info.

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