Brainwonders Opens it’s Regional Centre in Haryana-Panipat

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The wait is finally over for the people of Haryana! Brainwonders has arrived with its Regional franchise in the towns of Panipat, Sonipat, Karnal & Rohtak. When Mr. Ishak Ali, a seasoned professional in the healthcare sector decided to provide cutting edge career guidance services in Haryana, the Brainwonders Regional Centre is how he decided to provide it.


Mr. Ishak Ali (Regional Head, Brainwonders – Panipat)


His Journey so far

As a visionary and success oriented person hailing from Panipat in the northern city of Haryana, Ishak has amassed varied experience and expertise in the field of import, distribution, and wholesale of premium medical equipment as a key leadership driving I. S. Healthcare Services. He had pursued his education in Panipat itself, and currently leads a flourishing business as healthcare service provider in the same town, thus being very well acquainted with the academic and professional landscape in this historic location.


Mr. Ishak Ali has always been observant to the needs and requirements of his people. As a professional with an impressive social and professional network in the healthcare industry, he often was acquainted with cases where people were troubled with making decisions to brighten up their career, or were facing challenges to shape and support the professional development of their children. When he came across the phenomenal concept of Brainwonders featuring the CEO & Founder of Brainwonders – Mr. Manish Naidu, he knew he found the solution to his quest- be the solution provider to the people of Panipat, Haryana seeking career guidance. Growing up, he had noticed that not only him and his family – but towns and villages around him can truly benefit from quality-based career guidance services, and hence chose to establish the Brainwonders assessment and counselling centre in nearby locations of Sonipat, Rohtak, and Karnal as well. Always the ‘glass half full’ kind of person, he decided to do something about it.


Holistic Wellness – A Turn in his career path

Thus, he decided to expand his services by setting up a new venture that aims at providing various human development and healthcare services in Panipat. Fully aware of career being one of the key determinants of professional well-being for all age groups, the scientific concept of the U.S. Patented DMIT rooted in embryology, genetics, psychology, neuroscience, dermatoglyphics, and medicine inspired him to place it as a central service in this latest endeavour. He placed his own interest here, after a thorough research of adding credible services that could uplift the people around him.


Brainwonders – Search for the right counselling service ends

As a human-oriented professional with an eye for quality, Ishak found his prayers for an empowering business venture ended in Brainwonders. There were many factors that drove him to explore and eventually set up a Brainwonders guidance centre in Panipat, Haryana. As an innovation-driven organisation and India’s largest career counselling company, the decade of expertise that Brainwonders has amassed helped him decide to leap into this amazing opportunity. When asked about how Brainwonders aligned as a trustable entrepreneurial venture, he explained, “While Brainwonders is the front-running company in the field of education services in India, it is the unchallenged fact that Brainwonders has garnered favourable reviews from both its clients as well as franchise partners. When so many people have been rewarded for placing their faith in Brainwonders services, you know that there is something remarkable about that!


Gaining Momentum without a stop

Though, quite recently launched, Mr. Ishak Ali has already found many prospective clients. He has always sought to help out one and all- and thus, Brainwonders’s multi-dimensional U.S. Patented DMIT and online psychometric assessments ticked all the boxes. He wanted to do something that helped people from all walks of life. As the Regional Head of Brainwonders in Panipat, he aims to help many students, parents, teachers, school, higher education institutes, coaching academies, activity centres, and working professionals. During his frequent conversations with Mrs. Tejal Patil (National Coordinator, Brainwonders), he started grasping the dire need and value of launching educational and professional guidance programs in Panipat at the earliest, as there was abundant clientele seeking the services. Being digitally sustainable, he found many people curious about the technology that runs this, and hence knew that investing his time, energy, and resources in utilising Brainwonders to move ahead is a future-proof and sustainable step ahead. Naturally, the immense support that Brainwonders team provided in the form of marketing and strategy with online service listing him helped get a stable ground as well.


The Vision Ahead – Succeeding with a cause

Supported by his family and business partners, he knew that as a Regional Head of Brainwonders, he is going to make a difference – and he is going to do this soon!


Ishak Ali is a charismatic man, a dedicated entrepreneur who has his heart set on bringing enlightening the lives of those around him. And while he has started out in four cities of Panipat, Sonipat, Rohtak, and Karnal he has his mission to expand to cultivate a truly unique and effective career development experience. His philosophy- Keep it going, there is always more lives to transform!


One can now avail his expert career counselling and personal guidance services at Panipat, Haryana.

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