Andariki Ayurvedam Celebrates 25 Years of Patient Service and Ayurvedic Pharmacy

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Andariki Ayurvedam, a leading Ayurveda hospital today announced its 25th year in business. Andariki Ayurvedam is a pioneer in setting up Ayurvedic hospital in Hyderabad in the year 1996. Andariki Ayurvedam also has its brand of retail Ayurveda pharmacy known as Siddha Nagarjuna Ayurveda Pharmacy.

Dr. Elchuri Venkat Rao

Siddha Nagarjuna Ayurveda Pharmacy is the first corporate initiative in Ayurveda sector in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Andariki Ayurvedam in the last 25 years won the laurels of the patients all over the country by creating a unique strategy of bringing together Ashtavaidya and Aryavaidya traditions. Andariki Ayurvedam has been in constant research by integrating Ayurvedic ethos with latest technology.

Dr. Elchuri Venkat Rao, popularly known as Ayurveda Maharshi, has put in years of research and achieved sustainability with the launch of Andariki Ayurvedam. Andariki Ayurvedam means Ayurveda for all. He is a firm believer that the treatment to every ailment is possible with Ayurveda. He spread the word of Ayurveda rapidly in South India with over 1000 medical camps. There was a good turnout of patients for these medical camps, since then, Andariki Ayurvedam grew in leaps and bounds and has over 70 pharmacy stores today in South India.

Addressing the silver jubilee land mark, Dr. Elchuri Raja Ranjith, Managing Director at Andariki Ayurvedam, said, “I would like to thank our core team that worked with my father for having made the silver jubilee a reality. We are overwhelmed with the response we receive from our partners and patients. I would take this opportunity to appreciate the staff of Andariki Ayurvedam for rendering tireless service to organization and enabling us to contribute to the patient eco system successfully.”

Andariki Ayurvedam and Siddha Nagarjuna Ayurveda Pharmacy are poised for growth and are working towards rapid expansion nationwide in the next few months to come.

About Andariki Ayurvedam

Andariki Ayurvedam is the first corporate initiative in ayurveda sector in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, The southern state in India rightfully called as the “Cradle of Ayurveda“.

Our corporate vision is to be the best solution provider in health care in the world through Ayurveda. Andariki Ayurvedam created the unique synergy by bringing together the Ashtavaidya and the Aryavaidya traditions, also integrating ayurvedas modern ethos and latest technology.

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