AICL CEO Vijay Arora Bags Times Excellence Award 2021

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An entrepreneur to reckon with, who believes in accomplishing every goal with commitment and passion, AICL CEO Vijay Arora has been presented with the Times Excellence Award this year. Arora is among the Executive Directors of AICL but loves to be called ‘Head of Operations’ as he brings his foresight, business acumen, and people-centric efforts in every aspect of AICL’s day-to-day operations.

Vijay Arora, CEO, Apex Insurance Consultant Ltd.


Times Excellence Awards have been created by OMS (Times Group) to identify, encourage and provide recognition to young entrepreneurs, leaders, and innovators who have been game-changers in a true sense. It is a platform to celebrate success, recognize achievements, and highlight individuals who have excelled in their respective industries. These recipients have pushed boundaries while continuously striving hard to achieve milestones that have motivated and inspired others.


The event aims to recognize the champions who have done incredibly well in their industries and sectors. The recipients of this recognition belong to various categories like Auto, Retail, Real Estate, Healthcare, E-commerce, FMCG, Sports, Entertainment, and Service industry, to name a few. To recognize these bright minds, a survey was conducted and several entities were assessed.


Given the lockdown situations in multiple states, the awards were held virtually, celebrating the most definitive gathering of change-makers and innovators.


Speaking on his spectacular achievement, Arora said, “It is an absolute privilege to receive this recognition and I thank the Times Group from the bottom of my heart for bestowing this honour on me. Optimism and hard work is the faith that leads to achievement. This is the ethos we have always maintained at AICL, and it is going to be the same in the years to come.”


With degrees in Law and MBA, Vijay feels very passionately about the healthcare segment and its need for continuous improvements in patient care and risk management. He Co-founded AICL with his friend and colleague Sanjay Mishra with the same intention – helping Indian medical professionals introduce the much-needed revolution for the welfare and insurance sector without having to handle any legal hassles.

Due to the lack of public awareness regarding the medical system and its complications, Vijay had to base his venture and its operations on scratch. With a crystal-clear focus right from day one, Arora has managed to provide a unified platform to the medical industry in India today for reliable end-to-end solutions when it comes to crisis management.

A pioneering mind indeed, Vijay also believes that a true leader is not just one who sets an example but is also approachable. Perhaps this is the reason behind the humility and kindness of this seasoned entrepreneur, who loves to be there for his clients, team, and friends in every possible manner, helping them achieve positive outcomes with his assistance. Placing purpose and people before profits, Arora also believes in diversity when it comes to recruitment attitudes at his company.

This is reflected in AICL’s long list of diverse employees from different backgrounds and the chance they get to excel in their respective fields through industry-standard training, personally looked into by Vijay. The same attitude is reflected in his all-consuming passion for providing well-rounded risk management solutions to medical professionals, without any room for misinterpretation, lack of communication, or transparency.

A firm believer in the philosophy that there are no shortcuts to success, it is Vijay’s pioneering demeanor that has been a driving force in making risk management programs in general, and AICL in particular, a success. The recognition of his work through the prestigious Times Excellence Award only seems well-suited to this dynamic personality.

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