‘Adhure Poore Se Hum’, A Film on Relationships Wins Prestigious International Film Awards

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The film ‘Adhure Poore Se Hum‘ which has won 39 International Awards proves the saying ‘Some people stay together but THEY dont LOVE each other… Some people LOVE each other but THEY dont stay together…

Film ‘Adhure Poore Se Hum‘ which is internationally known as ‘You and Me‘ was selected and screened at Festival De Cannes has won 39 awards in International Film Festivals such as (MIndfield Film Festival – Los Angeles, Global Independent Film Awards, Accolade Global Film Competition, NYC Indie Film Awards, LA Shorts Awards, Hollywood Hills Film Awards, Cult Critic Movie Awards, Virgin Spring Cine Fest, Texas Independent Film Festival, Colortape International Film Festival, and many more…) across the world in different categories like Best Short Film, Best Story, Best Direction, Best Cinematography, Best Actor, and Best Actress.

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It is a story of two college-time friends, who embark on a long drive, as they amble through the hilly roads, they reveal to each other, their old longings, and hidden pasts. Their rose-tinted nostalgia is broken, and they come face to face with their imperfect lives. The film touches on a crucial topic which several women go through in their life span. The changing times of today and the growth of the world scientifically have brought the world very close but then why is it that so many heartbreaks in relationships and the number of divorces has increased These are the haunting questions in this short film on relationships.

Actor Pawan Shankar’s prominent Best Actor awards: Bronze Award for Best Actor by Independent Shorts Award, Los Angeles and Honorable mention as a Lead Actor in a Short Film for “You and Me” by The South Film and Arts Academy Festival (SCAFA Fest).

Director Mrigank Dubey Prominent Awards as Best Director: Mindfield Film Festival-Albuquerque and Virgin Spring Cine Fest.

Actor Priyamvada Sawannt got best actor awards: Virgin Spring Cine Fest and Global Independent Film Awards (GIFA).

The Prominent awards for the Best film were NYC Indie Film Awards and LA Shorts Awards.

Actors: Pawan Shankar and Priyamvadda Sawannt

Directed by: Mrigank Dubey

Director of Photography: Adil Afsar

Written by: Luv Kalla

Produced by: Bubblewrap Entertainment (Ketaki Guhagarkar Surve)

Presented by: Kala Chashma Entertainment

Released by: Disney+ Hotstar (3rd June 2021)

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