5 Reasons why one should Invest a Portion of their Salary in a Bajaj Finance FD

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Saving and investing are two essential components when it comes to budgeting earnings, especially for working professionals. One must always look for ways to grow their savings by investing them in instruments that provide higher returns. However, this should not be at the cost of safety of one’s deposit and expected returns. With the prevalent market volatilities, it is highly recommended by experts to invest in low risk investment avenues. Fixed deposit is one such sound financial plan that offers safety of returns as well as stable growth of one’s savings, making this an ideal tool to park a portion of one’s salary in.

Bajaj Finance online Fixed Deposit offers interest rates up to 6.75* p.a.

5 reasons why Bajaj Finance online FD is an ideal investment option

Fixed deposit plans are offered by post offices, various banks and non-banking financial companies. With many options available, parking one’s earnings in an easy and safe option could be a challenging task. Bajaj Finance is one such financier that not only offers its investors attractive FD interest rates, but, also a suite of other benefits.

Here’s why investing in a Bajaj Finance FD can be a smart move.

High FD interest rates

To withdraw substantial returns at maturity, one should invest in a Bajaj Finance online FD. Senior citizens applying can get an additional rate benefit of 0.25% over and above the base rate, whereas, young investors can also benefit from an additional 0.10% by applying online. With returns up to 6.75% one can expect to grow their savings at an accelerated rate.

Consider an example where one invests Rs. 1 lakh in a Bajaj Finance FD for a 5-year tenor. The below table shows how different tenors affect interest gains and returns at maturity.

FD plan

Principal Amount


Applicable Rate of Interest

Interest payout


Non-senior citizen applying online


Rs. 1,00,000

2 years


Rs. 28,196

Rs. 1,28,196

Non-senior citizen applying online


Rs. 1,00,000

3 years


Rs. 30,284

Rs. 1,30,284

Non-senior citizen applying online


Rs. 1,00,000

5 years


Rs. 34,413

Rs. 1,34,413

Thus, one can look at attractive FD interest rates, applicable to different tenors. Bajaj Finance online FD can be a preferred investment tool for individuals who have just started earning and are looking to grow their savings.

Easy online investment process

One doesn’t have to suffer the exhaustion of waiting in long queues, as investments can be made in Bajaj Finance online FD plans from the comfort of one’s home. An additional FD interest rate of 0.10% can be earned by utilizing this end-to-end paperless investment procedure.

Easy liquification and laddering deposits

It is recommended to ladder deposits, instead of investing all the savings in one fixed deposit. This not only enables investors to balance the effect of fluctuating interest rates on their deposits, but also helps them to collect returns of multiple FDs and deposit it into a high-paying fixed deposit in the future.

Small monthly savings

If one doesn’t have a lump sum amount to invest in a fixed deposit, they can consider building their corpus with the Systematic Deposit Plan (SDP). SDP is a monthly savings scheme that lets one earn substantial returns by making small monthly deposits, starting with just Rs. 5000 every month. SDP offers two variants when it comes to payout options, Single Maturity Scheme and Monthly Maturity Scheme. If one wishes to get a lump sum at maturity, then Single Maturity Scheme is a wise choice. But, to generate a monthly income from one’s investments, Monthly Maturity Scheme is a preferred option.

Safety of returns

Bajaj Finance online FD is a haven for investing earnings. This can be verified from the high credit ratings it has received from CRISIL (FAAA) and ICRA (MAAA) which are the leading credit rating agencies in India.

With the advantage of highest safety ratings and a suite of other benefits, it’s safe to state that Bajaj Finance online FD stands as a strong preference for individuals looking to save a portion of their salary and grow their savings.

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